How to Use Your Crystals & Jewellery

When you are choosing a crystals or a piece of jewellery remember; every crystal is different and to choose the right one for you at this moment of your life, it is essential you make your choice intuitively. This is the most important point to have in consideration and do not forget, a crystal is a living being.


Healing crystals can be used to manifest our intentions, those goals and dreams of what we want to happen in our lives, how we want to be. When we know clearly what we intend and how the vibration of a particular stone or crystal affects us, we can hold or wear the crystal that produces the effect that we want in our lives and what we need in any stage; physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we focus on what we intend to happen, for ourselves, for others or for the environment, we create powerful vibrations within ourselves.

If we do this with enough clarity and focus while holding or wearing a crystal or stone, the vibrations of that ancient element will resonate with the vibrations coming from us, and this vibrational field will be very powerful. There is a current created and our intention sends that energy into the world. The more specific our intention is, the more powerful it is. Be sure that you are very clear about what you intend. If you don’t know for sure what you intend, what happens may not be what you want at all. There is scientific evidence showing how important our thoughts can be. What we think and intend may be much more powerful than we can even imagine. I would invite you to research about the power of the thoughts. Do not forger this; your life is the result of your thoughts.

When we select specific crystals to work with and enhance them with our intentions, their vibrations continue to affect us by helping clear unwanted energy like stress from the system, dissolve blocked energy like pain or tension, increase the flow of energy and vitality through the body, and infuse a positive energy like calm or optimism. Another way that they continue to help us is that they are a beautiful reminder of our intentions. If we take the time to really get to know the crystals and stones we work with, and the energies they share, what we feel in their presence is a very strong reminder of the changes we intend.


  • CHOOSE your crystal or piece of jewellery. Every crystal or piece of jewellery has a different purpose which is affected by its colour and shape. It’s best to pick stones that correspond with the benefits you’re seeking; love, healing, protection... You will likely be intuitively attracted to the gemstone you need most. Once again, trust your intuition.


  • CLEANSE your crystal or piece of jewellery once you feel it's needed. Crystals are said to pick up the vibration of everyone who has handled them. You will therefore need to cleanse your crystal when its needed. To do this simply put your crystal in sunlight or moonlight for several hours to clear its energy. Leaving them on your windowsill for a few hours or overnight is always a great option. Remember that when you purchase your crystal or piece of jewellery, it's fully charged with healing energy and with my best intentions to help you during your life journey, and this will always remain.


  • PROGRAM your crystal or piece of jewellery. After your crystals are cleansed, you will then need to activate their energy. This is known as "programming." To do this, you must set it with your intention. Hold your crystal in your hands and visualise a bright white light surrounding it. State your intention for your crystal; for example "this crystal will help me to heal..." I would recommend to wait a little bit before programme it. Once you receive your purchase, just give it sometime to feel the intentions I have set for you. Feel its magic!



I have chosen crystals that I have felt attracted to. Each crystal has been carefully chosen based on their ancient meanings and associated healing properties. All the jewellery I create brings healing. They're a powerful tool to manifest your intentions.

As you may know, everything in the universe is energy; everything, including stones, crystals and people. And, everything vibrates, each in its own unique way when compared to anything else. Thus, everything in creation affects everything else. A crystal resonates with whatever is around it and affects the vibration of anything that is nearby. When we hold or wear a stone or a crystal, its vibration affects our vibration, and that affects us.

A magical thing about any crystal is that its power lies "in the eye of the beholder". Many that work with crystals will tell you that one of the most important aspects of working with these divine gifts of the earth is mindfulness.

Taking the time to figure out which crystal or stone will help you to achieve a certain physical, emotional or spiritual state not only forces you to assess where you are now, but also where you see yourself going in your future. Wearing a crystal and or having them in your space, can serve as a reminder that brings that mindfulness to you more frequently.



The best way to carry crystals is in a position that allows them to touch your skin. Contact is vital for strengthening the connection between you and your stone. The constant contact makes you more aware of its energy and more receptive to its qualities. By carrying crystals in your pocket, you can have regular access to them all day long. This is great if you feel the need to slow down and find your centre.

If you’re carrying your stones in your pockets, please ensure that nothing else goes into the same one. You don’t want your keys to scratch your lovely tumbled stones.

We all have a small pouch at home, it is a great idea to use it if you have several tumbled stones that you’d like to carry around with you. Pockets aren’t ideal for more than one or two stones, but a pouch can hold multiple.

Carrying your crystals to the office/work. There are two huge benefits; the first is that, depending on the stone, they can help you remain clear-headed even in a busy environment. Fluorite, for example, can be used to increase concentration, cut off distractions, and bring clarity to the mind. Tiger’s Eye strengthens your focus and willpower, helping you achieve desired productivity.

The other benefit is that some crystals absorb EMF radiation. Malachite and black tourmaline are good examples. Simply place them near your laptop or phone and they will protect you from the electromagnetic smog that lurks in your work environment.

Crystals are still active while we sleep. Carry your favourite crystal with you and leave it on your bedside table before drifting off. Alternatively, you could place a crystal under your pillow, or even under the mattress. By doing this, you can get a great night’s sleep, especially if you choose a crystal that specialises in relaxation like amethyst.


Everything is possible in life, as long as you believe in it!