All products are covered with a three month limited warranty. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects. Deterioration or malfunction resulting from accidents, misuse, or negligence are exclude.

In addition, this Limited Warranty does not include the discolouration of metals, including the wearing-off of gold plating, as this is commonly caused by a chemical reaction uniquely individual to the wearer.

As I am dealing with empowered sacred objects, a unique personal bond is created between the wearer and the energised piece and sometimes the energetic exchange can be so strong that soul jewellery can break prematurely for energy reasons. As such, it indicates that the piece has completed the energetic job it was created to do, which is a very positive result. In such instances, each case is dealt with individually.

The restoration is 100% free and included in the price of your jewellery. The only thing you will have to cover is the cost of postage both ways.

To arrange for your items to be fixed, please contact me using this form or on dua@yurecrystals.com with the word “RESTORATION” in the email title or form subject.

Please, take some time to have a look to "Care Tips" section. Let's keep your jewellery as beautiful and restoring your balance to bring you into alignment as long as possible.

All YŪRE products are handmade in London by me.


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