Zodiac Signs & Crystals

Manifest into your best self by choosing a crystal that is perfectly suited to your Sun sign.

There are 12 signs of the Zodiac and each has its own stone to match. The Zodiac signs are determined by the month or period in which a person is born. Each sign has a birthstone connected and it is common to wear that birthstone as jewellery. The birthstone is often chosen as it shares traits or elements with the wearer.

Knowing which gemstones are aligned with your astrological sign can also nurture this everyday commitment to balance and healing. Birthstones have been around since the 5th century and their history is related to the 12 stones et upon the Breastplate of Aaron and the 12 months of the year and the 12 signs of the zodiac. It’s believed that each stone is connected to cosmic alignment and that those who choose stones that are aligned with their birth month will reap the benefits of bringing this gem into their life.

If you want to know more about which crystals can be a supportive force in your life, take a look at this easy guide to essential gemstones here.


  • ARIES | Bloodstone, Diamond, Red Jasper, Topaz | Mar 21 to Apr 20;

    As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and also turbulent.

Aries is a passionate, motivated, and confident leader who builds a community with their cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which represents war, aggression and conflict.

BLOODSTONE; the stone of bravery, Bloodstone keeps headstrong behaviour on the calm side and encourages focused grounding for the fiery Aries.

DIAMOND; dreamy in devotion, the Diamond is a strong symbol of light and loyalty which are common traits for an Aries sign.

RED JASPER; the high-energy and vivacious shades of Red Jasper are sure to serve all those under the sign of Aries well. This stone helps them to take a second to think before they act and can also help to keep their vitality levels topped up.

TOPAZ is considered a lucky gemstone for Aries and can help them to attract wealth and wonder. Say yes to abundance with the talisman of Topaz.


  • TAURUS | Emerald, Saphire, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine | Apr 21 to May 20

    Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, romance, attraction, beauty and gratitude.

EMERALD; The flash of Emerald is a stone of fortune, love, and endless patience. It is also the stone of Venus, which is the ruling planet of Taurus making it a magical match across all avenues.

SAPPHIRE; the sparkle of Sapphire is another solid gemstone choice for Taureans thanks to its encouragement towards inner peace, spiritual awakening, and building inner strength.

ROSE QUARTZ; sometimes Taureans struggle to let their hearts crack open and welcome in pure love, Rose Quartz is the stone of acceptance and unconditional love and can help hardy Taureans to soften inside.

GREEN AVENTURINE is another stone that brings health, success, and fresh rejuvenation – perfect for Taureans who adore their creature comforts.


  • GEMINI | Aquamarine, Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Agate | May 21 to Jun 20

    Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents communication, writing, and movement. The gentle yet spritely live-wires of the pack, Geminis are known for their blooming array of emotions and traits that tend to clash against each other. On one hand Geminis can be sociable, communicative, and always up for fun but on the other hand they can also be nervous and indecisive. They can flip from sass and sociable fun to serious thought and inward contemplation. They are a sign that loves spontaneity and creativity.

AQUAMARINE; with high empath energy, the Gemini can greatly benefit from the high vibrations of Aquamarine. The blue-green stone also works on communication issues thanks to its connection with the throat and heart chakra.

CITRINE; a sunny disposition that complements the social butterfly brightness of a Gemini, Citrine can also help to balance out the dual-edged Gemini when they are feeling less than their best.

TIGER'S EYE; those anxious Gemini thoughts can be cleared out with the strong golden rays that shine out from the Tiger’s Eye.

AGATE has gorgeous heartfelt energy which perfectly matches the Gemini’s joyful moods. Blue Lace Agate can also work wonders on communication, great for the chatty Gemini.


  • CANCER | Moonstone, Opal, Labradorite, Pearl | Jun 21 to Jul 22

    Ruled by the moon, Cancer is uniquely guided by emotions and the heart. Phases of the lunar cycle are important to Cancerians, deepening their internal mysteries and creating fleeting emotional patterns that are beyond their control—Cancer is all about emotions and they have lots of them!

MOONSTONE; The mystical light of Moonstone glows with deep creative and feminine vibes, inviting those who fall under the sign of Cancer to stand steady on their feet without letting go of their softness. The moonstone is as ancient and as mysterious as the moon itself. Known for balancing emotions, it brings clarity into one’s life, lighting up the darkness and illuminating the hidden truths with the subtlety and gentleness of the moonlight reflecting on the water’s surface at night

OPAL; a pearl-like luster and connection with water makes Opal an incredible gem that fits Cancer beautifully and helps them to further find their freedom and independence.

LABRADORITE; Sometimes those who share the sign of Cancer can be a little moody and lost in their own darkness, Labradorite eases the way – helping to clear the path of depressive moods.

PEARL; the purity of Pearl is a talisman of truth and sincerity. It proves a strong match for Cancer thanks to its healing powers in promoting good faith and keeping you well-balance and calm.


  • LEO | Amber, Citrine, Onyx, Ruby | Jul 23 to Aug 23

    Leo is ruled by the Sun, the star at the centre of the Solar System. Leo carries fire, which explains why they are the most passionate, warm and intense of all the zodiac signs.

AMBER; Leo loves Solar Plexus Chakra stones which is why the golden light of Amber holds such a unique connection. Known for its strong vibrations with the root chakra and enhancing creativity.

CITRINE; sweet Citrine brings joy, warmth, and pure positivity to the table, making it a great pick me up for Leo’s who can sometimes get weighed down. It’s also a stone of prosperity.

ONYX; one of the strongest grounding crystals gifted from Mother Earth, the dark swirls of Onyx will keep you checked into reality and ever-present in your body, mind, and soul.

RUBY; the red heart of Ruby lets your zest and passion for life run wild. A great relationship healer, this stone makes sense for the sometimes drama fuelled romances the Leo so loves.


  • VIRGO | Blue Sapphire, Carnelian, Zircon, Green Aventurine | Aug 24 to Sep 22 Virgos are well known for paying attention to the smallest details, being organised and having a lot of practicality in their everyday life. Also ruled by Mercury they have a well-developed sense of speech and writing, as well as all other forms of communication.

BLUE SAPPHIRE; wisdom, hope, and faith flow through the ancient gemstone of sparkling Blue Sapphire. For Virgos who tend to overthink and fall into self-criticism, the Sapphire lifts those spirits and keeps the balance.

CARNELIAN; this is where the sun sign of Virgo meets the sun stone of Carnelian. Kissed by fire, Carnelian is creative vitality, luck, and light. It helps Virgo to channel their dreams and passions into sweet success.

ZIRCON; Virgos get ready to welcome peace and prosperity with the glowing nature of the Zircon. Strong spiritual protection and a connection to all the chakras are waiting when you wear this clear-headed gem.

GREEN AVENTURINE; the stone of opportunity, Green Aventurine invites amazing achievements. This stone is a soother and perfect for Virgos who can sometimes sabotage their own success due to stress and anxiety.


  • LIBRA | Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Sapphire | Sept 23 to Oct 23
    Librans are known for their fixation on balance and harmony. They invest most of their energy in keeping their environment and lives lovely, tidy and orderly. Libra is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love, romance, attraction, beauty and gratitude.

As Librans carry insecure energy in their heart and soul, Pink Tourmaline will help dissolve and clear negative patterns of insecurity and confusion and replace it with the highest expression of exuberance and joy of love.

OPAL, the ruling birthstone for Libra, the iridescent and playful hues of the Opal invites a positive shine and encourages Librans to step aside from people-pleasing to put their own needs first.

LAPIS LAZULI, Librans are loaded with wise thoughts and the gentle stone of Lapis Lazuli gifts them the skills they need to communicate all that’s within and make decisions without sitting on the fence too long.

PERIDOT, the twinkle of Peridot is a potent stone and can help Librans to stay protected from negative pursuits at the same time as cutting down cleanly on stress.

SAPPHIRE, the planet stone of Venus, Sapphire with its bluest eye is a welcome match for Virgo thanks to its ability to soothe the soul, bring peace, and nurture a deeper spiritual existence.


  • SCORPIO | Agate, Snowflake Obsidian, Aquamarine | Oct 24 to Nov 22
    Ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration.

AGATE, the Agate family make for a fascinating match for Scorpio. Choose Blue Lace Agate for beautiful communication skills or opt for Moss Agate to mend the energy between Mother Nature and your soul.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN, Snowflake Obsidian is a powerful stone to detox the resentful nature of the Scorpio, thanks to its deeply ritualistic support for letting go.

AQUAMARINE, pour healing waters on your fiery nature with the gentle cleansing flow of the cool blue Aquamarine stone. This green-blue stone also lends a hand in releasing anger and upping communication skills.


  • SAGITTARIUS | Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Amethyst, Beryl | Nov 23 to Dec 20
    Known for being curious and energetic, Sagittarius is one of the biggest travellers among all zodiac signs. Their open mind and philosophical view motivate them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the largest planet of the zodiac.

BLUE TOPAZ, Clear out the junk from your aura and let go of all those things that are keeping you off-balance with the clear flow of Blue Topaz. Also known as the communication stone, it’s an awesome gem for writers.

TURQUOISE, balance out that yin-yang energy with a piece of flowing Turquoise in your life. A great stone for tapping into higher visions and deeper intuition, these traits go well with the Sagittarians thirst for knowledge.

AMETHYST, the strong-will of Sagittarians is something to be celebrated, but Amethyst can help to lower the stress stakes and keep you connected spiritually. Sometimes it helps to turn our eyes to the heavens rather than look straight ahead.

BERYL, Soft and calm and ever ready to grant you space, Beryl is a beautiful stone for Sagittarians thanks to its deep meditative properties. Beryl can grant those active and adventurous Sagittarians a much-needed rest.


  • CAPRICORN | Ruby, Garnet, Black Tourmaline, Agate | Dec 21 to Jan 19
    The Capricorn symbol is the Sea-Goat, and Capricorns are often compared to the mountain goat. Goats slowly and steadily climb to the top of the mountain, which is what Capricorns are all about. They are the most determined sign in the zodiac. Determined to follow their dreams and vision, they keep on going till they reach the top no matter how long it takes!

Known for its ability to strengthen and regenerate the body by activating its systems to make it healthier and more vibrant, Peridot manifests one of nature’s most clear and vibrant green colours.

RUBY, a vivacious stone, the Ruby loves to nudge your chi, attract prosperity, and keep you in vital health. The Ruby really matches the ambitious nature shared by Capricorns.

GARNET, the stone of health, wealth, and wonderful relationships, the fire bright glimmer of Garnet is all activated energy which complements the Capricorns consistent go-getter energy. It also grants grace towards others.

BLACK TOURMALINE, Capricorns can veer a little towards the sensitive side, fortunately, Black Tourmaline keeps your spirit and soul well protected from negative attacks that may disrupt the psyche.

AGATE, while there are many kinds of Agate, Blue Lace Agate is glorious for helping Capricorns with effective communication.


  • AQUARIUS | Amethyst, Garnet, Moss Agate, Jasper | Jan 20 to Feb 18; On the one hand, Aquarius-born is quiet and guarded; on the other, they can be mysterious, free-spirited and eccentric. Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. It has a timid, abrupt and sometimes aggressive nature, but it also gives Aquarius visionary quality.

AMETHYST, sometimes Aquarians can get lost in the maze of their own thoughts and this can lead to overwhelm. Fortunately, with Amethyst on your side, you can stay level-headed, light of heart and ever soaked in spiritual purity. Find out more about Amethyst's meaning..

GARNET is a glorious stone for Aquarius, its simmering passion and fiery strength is all about keeping you committed. The warm light also helps to soften the sometimes seemingly frosty edge of the Aquarians persona. Find out more about Garnet's meaning.

MOSS AGATE,  The earthly Moss Agate can turn an Aquarian into an amazing orator. The stone of eloquence, Moss Agate invites Aquarians to think outside the box and communicate with ease. Find out more about the meaning of Moss Agate.

JASPER is a joyous talisman for Aquarians, this stone is known to bring heightened emotions back into balance and to keep the wearer safely protected from negative vibes. Find out more about Red Jasper's meaning.


  • PISCES | Amethyst, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Clear Quartz | Feb 19 to Mar 20; What is the common personality traits of this particular star sign? As Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune, Pisceans are more intuitive than others and have an artistic talent. They frequently express their creativity in everyday life. They have strong imaginations, and their reputation as dreamers can help them when they pursue hobbies such as art, music, and writing.

AMETHYST,  Pisces will find a luminous power and strength in the Amethyst stone. It’s a stone that helps the hedonistic party sign of Pisces stay connected from the crown chakra to the root.

TURQUOISE,  a perfect healing gem for the water sign, Turquoise is all ocean flow and shimmering blue hues - a match made in heaven for the fish. The cool clear energy also stops Pisces from sinking into their own sensitivity.

AQUAMARINE, the water of the sea stone, Aquamarine brings its mermaids treasure traits to the table for Pisces to enjoy. This stone invites the Pisces to tap into their own capabilities and embrace the ebb and flow of life.

CLEAR QUARTZ, as Pisces can tend to turn like the wind and get lost in intricate thoughts, Clear Quartz acts like a guiding light, encouraging concentration and quick decisions.



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