Indra Cuff



This cuff is 7.3″ (18.5CM)

A delicate handmade gold filled cuff with a beautiful gold vermeil bezel set lapis lazuli stone. Stone is faceted on front and back. Gold filled or “rolled gold” comprises a solid layer of gold (14k) permanently bonded to a base metal, such as brass. Gold vermeil is sterling silver plated with gold.

Lapis lazuli is a stone with royal energy, in that it helps you uncover and access your inner noble and Divine nature. It activates psychic abilities and intuition, connecting you to spiritual guidance and visionary awareness. It helps you discern and speak the truth, as well as discover your truest inner Self.

Lapis lazuli benefits of wearing especially in the upper part of the body like earrings, and necklaces, empowers your self-confidence, and reminds you of your authenticity all the time. Wearing lapis lazuli anywhere in your body offers powerful vibrations connecting to your mind, body, and soul that is known to attract promotion and success. So it is the best partner when you’re not sure of something you want or might not understand the meaning of your life.

It is associated with the Third-Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra. It is known as the mind’s eye or inner eye that is linked to mind consciousness and provides perception beyond normal sight. Lapis lazuli birthstone traditionally for December. It is also the planetary stone for the Zodiac sign of Libra and Capricorn.

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