Hera Earrings



Elegant, simple and very light earrings involved by the beauty of White Topaz. Not only is White Topaz a very beautiful stone to look at but it also has various different properties that make it stand out from the crowd. “Gold filled” (or “rolled gold”) comprises a solid layer of gold (14k) permanently bonded to a base metal, such as brass. The minimum layer of gold must equal at least 1/20th the weight of the total item. It is very hard wearing and under normal wear the gold will not peel or flake, unlike gold plate, and is commonly used as a more economical alternative to pure gold.

White Topaz has the ability to bring happiness and joy into the life of the one who is wearing the stone. It also has the ability to help people who have trouble going to sleep by introducing stress relief energies into their lives. White Topaz is also known to boost ones mental ability and capacity by improving memory and thinking ability.

White Topaz, just like Blue Topaz, also has the ability to help those suffering from long-term depression by healing their wounds and scars from the inside. This stone will also help you channel all of your energy to the parts of your body that need it the most, this will enable you to become highly effective at what you do. Topaz is related to the zodiac sign, Sagittarius.

Curiosity: Romans believed that White Topaz was a gem associated with their Sun God Helios, and aided in improving their eyesight; whereas, ancient Egyptians believed that White Topaz was a gem of the Sun and wore it to obtain protection.

Care tips
Lead and nickel free