Anjea Pendant


CHAIN: 15″ (38.1cm)

Gold filled or rolled gold comprises a solid layer of gold 14k permanently bonded to a base metal, such as brass. Gold plated is a a very thin layer of gold 5% 14K.

Description: detailed 14K gold plated Floral Filigree fuses with a 14K Gold filled chain. Connect to nature!

Symbolism: filigree has been a popular way to embellish jewellery settings, creating beautiful and delicate pieces. It is a form of jewellery with classic metalwork developed in the 15th century and is still a common way to add sophistication and intricacy to jewellery. With the current interest in revisiting vintage inspired designs, filigree remains as popular as ever. Filigree designs were in use during ancient civilisations like Mesopotamia, Egypt, Phoenicia and India and some of the pieces that have been uncovered go back about 5000 years, making filigree one of the oldest forms of jewellery! In some parts of the world, especially India, the methods of creating filigree jewellery has remained virtually unchanged over millennia.

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