Eachna Pendant


CHAIN: 18″ (45.72CM)

Gold filled or rolled gold comprises a solid layer of gold 14k permanently bonded to a base metal, such as brass. Gold plated is a a very thin layer of gold 5% 14K.

Description: a shinny gold plated crescent moon combined with a gold filled chain will give you that special touch. It is a symbol of growth, creativity, and manifestation.

Symbolism: in Greek mythology, the crescent moon is said to represent Selene, the feminine moon goddess and symbolises femaleSymbolism in jewellery, goddess Diana at Twelve Silver Trees jewellery empowerment, The moon also represents fertility and regeneration. Women wishing to conceive would pray to the moon goddess Selene to help them bring new life into the world.In Roman mythology the slender curves of the crescent shape was interpreted to symbolise the bow used by Diana, goddess of the hunt. Diana is also associated with chastity and purity, virtues which were praised and held dear. In Chinese philosophy the moon is the yin to the sun’s yang, showing how the female moon and the male sun can perfectly balance each other despite being opposites.

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