This Hanging Suncatcher will create magical rainbows that encourage harmony and positivity in any room. The cascade of coloured crystals and polished multi-faceted crystal ball are handcrafted.

Each stone represents one of the seven energy centres; crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base. The chakras are the seven energy centres used in many healing systems. They are the power points in the human body that circulate life force energy also known as prana.

It is believed that there are many benefits to having suncatchers in your home one of them is improving your Feng Shui. This Chakra Suncatcher promotes awareness of your energy centres thus encouraging healing and vitality. Light therapy is fast becoming recognised for its benefits to metal health, aura cleansing and positivity. Clear white crystals contain all the colours on the colour spectrum. As it absorbs the sun’s rays it will project dancing rainbows of light onto your walls.

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